Mistrzostwa Świata Szkół


Publikujemy zaproszenie przesłane dziś od Rosyjskiej Federacji Szachowej na Indywidualne Mistrzostwa Świata Szkół. (2-12.12.2016, Soczi, Rosja).


Dear chess friends!

Russian Chess Federation is happy to invite you to participate in WSCC 2016, which will take place in Sochi, Russia, in December. Children from all over the world are going to meet there to challenge each other at the board! Over 400 participants have already registered  for the event.

The registration is open till October, 20th . You can find all the necessary information on RCF website: http://ruchess.ru/en/

If you are willing to participate, please contact the Organizers ASAP.

We are looking forward to receiving your applications!

Best regards,

IA, IO Tkachev Alexander