MEJ Praga 2016 -pytania do organizatora


Na prośbę wielu osób wysłałem e-maila do organizatora z prośbą o wyjaśnienie kilku kwestii, poniżej odpowiedzi:

  1. Is there parking in TOP Hotel available for participants? What is the price?

Yes, it is with a sufficient capacity. The price is 140 CZK for a car per day and 500 CZK for a bus per day.

  1. What do you mean by: „Access to playing areas, venues and the hotel will be allowed only to people accredited by the organizer”. If parents will come to Prague for a weekend, are they allowed to enter the venue to visit their children? – Is it possible to buy accreditation?

All accompanying people including parents accommodated through us will obtain their accreditation free of charge. Other parents can buy their accreditation for 10 per peron and day or 50 EUR per the entire championship.

They can come into the playing hall and stay there until 10 minutes after the start of each round and stay at hotel area during entire round.

  1. Is it possible to accommodate for free young kids ( about 5-6 old, who will not participate in the event, and sleep in one bed with parent?)

I am sorry but it is in generall impossible. In an exceptional case can be the 4th person (a very young child) at the executive room for 20 EUR per night (with full board), it means the price for 3 people + 1 child without bed together is 170 EUR / night.

Executive rooms (165 rooms)

(a bathroom with a shower and a toilet, wireless internet connection, satellite TV and mini-bar)
single room (30 m2) – 100 EUR / room per night
double room (30 m2) – 130 EUR / room per night
triple room (30 m2) – 150 EUR / room per night

  1. Access to playing hall will be available only for players and chief of delegations, or other person (FIDE trainers, or parents) will be allowed to enter to playing hall?

Players can be present before and during their games, chief of delegations before and during the round, other people with accreditation until 10 minutes after the start of each round.

  1. A lot of players are going by car, so they are ready to leave Prague just after closing ceremony. I hope that they will not be charged for 11 days as it is in regulations? Please confirm.

Unfortunately it is a problem. Because we have special price for 11 day from the hotel, the closing ceremony starts at 8 p.m. and an official date of departure is 28th August.

Thank you for your understanding.